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excited about my writing

January 15, 2013

Yesterday despite a mix up with trains and fairly steady snowfall (I have a bit of a history with snow and cancelled meetings), Ola and I managed to meet up at The Belgrade Theatre to look at the first draft of ‘A Ploughed Heart’. I had sent the script to Ola before Christmas to make sure that I didn’t add or cut anything at this stage that I might later regret. On reading it again I’d made a few notes for myself but was really looking forward to Ola’s response and input. One of the first things Ola said about the script was that he’d learned a lot about George and that he liked it which is always a relief. I think I have a fairly thick skin with regards to my writing and am always open to audience feedback but at this stage of the writing process I am very careful about who I show my work to. It has to be someone I respect and who will both challenge me and support/encourage my voice. Ola is perfect for the job – after a few weeks of planning and admin, I am now fired up and excited about my writing again.


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