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Notebook giveaway

October 11, 2012

I don’t like shopping and avoid it at all times unless I need some new stationary.


I use notebooks all the time and over the years have tried many types and brands – my current favourite is by Muji (A5 squared). I’ve often wondered what George would have made of the infinite choice available to us today. Sara Hennell noted in a letter to Rufa Brabant (regarding George’s translation of Das Leben Jesu) that ‘Mary Ann has such a dislike to writing on that large blue paper’.

Which of these notebooks would you choose to write or draw on? (left – right above): Composition kraft notebook (plain), White A5 ring bound (ruled), Silver A5 3 part (squared), Kraft thick small (plain) or Muji A5 (squared).

If you would like a chance to receive one of the notebooks sent to you (FREE POSTAGE worldwide) just leave your name and your choice of notebook by clicking on the comment button below.

Five winning names will be pulled out of the hat after midnight on Wednesday 24th October. If your name is chosen I will then email you directly for your preferred postal address.

Good luck!

From → A Ploughed Heart

  1. Juliet Hopper permalink

    Hi, it would have to be the White A5 Ringbound (ruled) for me please, me being Juliet Hopper

  2. ummmm…. stationary. I’m very sad because I have an unhealthy obsession with all things stationary. Almost as bad as my addiction to books 😉 Love the silver notebook.

  3. slowjo11 permalink

    poo the chance to win more gorgeous stationary, either of the plain ones please, can’t cope with lines and squares. love following the blog. Jo Roberts

  4. slowjo11 permalink

    oops that should have started ooo!

  5. Gerry Stojko permalink

    I would like any gerry

  6. I’ve tried so many different notebooks over the years but a lined moleskin notebook is the one that births poetry. Haven’t discovered the best one for the writing of longer narrative pieces, plays and scripts yet. Time to experiment I think 🙂

  7. Composition kraft notebook (plain) – Steve Blake.

  8. robin johnson permalink

    I love stationery – especially pens!! As I love pens, I need something to write on.
    I would love the Muji A5 squared, but I’d happily give any of them a home!

  9. Vanessa permalink

    Well Hello V, I have my very own Staples addict account card.
    I write on yellow A4 lined pads which make me feel I am grown up & in command about long prose
    the Kraft thick-small-plain would make me feel like I’m bunking off school ……. x

  10. Mmm, I love them all, and am intrigued by the idea that they might elicit different kinds of writing! I do like space (and I doodle a lot) so I’m drawn to the plain composition one… then again, the 3 part silver one has possibilities for multi-tasking (research/stories/poems, maybe, or beginnings/middles/endings…)… I’m currently a serial A5 ringbound ruled person, so another of those is always useful… then again, I can’t ignore your preference for the Muji squared … 🙂 Willing to take a chance on any, therefore, and sending this off in a spirit of serendipity…

  11. 최다해 gongjumonica permalink

    Nice blog and oh, I love stationary, too! That Muji a5 would be nice…

  12. Kollette permalink

    …it will be silvered squared for me, I like the order of a typographic grid but also like to collage and collect in my day book to alleviate the tedious nature of some of the stuff I have to listen too!

  13. Michelle permalink

    I love all of them, but the small kraft notebook is my favorite!

  14. Nicky permalink

    The small kraft for me please. It would fit in my handbag. I aspire to note down the crazy and amazing (to me) things that my two small boys say and do. I intend to write them down later but usually forget!

  15. I would like have A Muji A5 (square) or composition kraft notebook (plain).
    Thank you very much for sharing your blog and nice giveaway.

  16. szappanbubi permalink

    🙂 I’d love to have and draw in the huge Composition kraft notebook 🙂

  17. Jhinuk Sarkar permalink

    I would like them all , but the Muji A5 squared one would be a particularly nice change to draw on! Thanks, Jhinuk

  18. Heather S permalink

    I would love the Kraft thick small (plain)! Pretty please of course!

  19. Nancy permalink

    all stationary always welcome!

  20. Andrea permalink

    I like the plain ones. They make me feel free without having to respect any line haha. Thank you for your generosity.


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